Cook County Stroger Vitreoretinal Fellowship


Retina Associates offers a two-year medical and surgical vitreoretinal fellowship in conjunction with the Retina Service at Cook County-Stroger Hospital. This is an intensive and comprehensive clinical experience balancing busy academic and private practice services. At the county hospitals, the fellow operates as primary surgeon on four to five major cases per week supervised by senior staff. The fellow can expect to be operating in their first week. Their surgical experience will be rapidly advanced and he/she can reasonably expect to perform 250-300 cases as the primary surgeon and assist on additional 300 cases each year. The surgical experience comprises different approaches and techniques as result of the varied practice patterns of our attending physicians.

The fellow will gain proficiency in the treatment of a wide range of posterior segment disorders including membrane/ILM peeling, management of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (vitrectomy and/or scleral buckle) and tractional retinal detachment, trauma and oncology. The fellow will also be exposed to several different hospitals and surgical centers, gaining proficiency in a wide variety of equipment and instrumentation. He/she will also gain proficiency in office-based procedures including as cryotherapy/pneumatic retinopexy, intraocular injections, air-fluid exchange, and laser photocoagulation. In addition, the fellow will be involved with junior and senior ophthalmology resident teaching.

Salary and Benefits

Salary and benefits are based on a PGY scale (was ~61K for 2016). An additional $1,000 a year educational allowance is provided. Health, vision, and dental insurance are provided at low cost. Four weeks vacation and additional conference days are allowed.

Call Responsibility

The fellow will provide weekend and evening call every other week for the private service and every third week for Stroger Hospital. In addition, the fellow is to be available for any retinal management questions of the junior/senior ophthalmology residents.

Research Project

Clinical research is strongly encouraged and the fellow will be expected to complete a project to be presented at a local or national meeting.


The fellow will be expected to organize lectures and imaging conferences for the residents at Cook County as well as help with the resident OKAP review. The fellow will be encouraged to attend monthly Chicago ophthalmology meetings and dinners.

Interview Dates

Interviews will be conducted on select Wednesdays from September to November. The day will consist of a short program overview with lunch, followed by interviews with faculty members. Applicants will have the option to stay afterward and join Dr Adenwalla in the operating room.